BUNGALOW STYLE (1900-1925)

The Bungalow houses was a start toward a simpler architecture — a move away from ornate Victorian design. The simpler style shunned the fancy carved brackets, finials and other ornamental details of the Victorian era. The bungalow style brings in a softer feel. It replaced pointed gable roofs with hip-on-gable, exposed rafters, and a more American decorative feel to the homes.



The Victorian style home is a rare find in the Dallas. With its large porch and towering columns, these homes bring a mix of the new with the elegance of the old. Dallas' Swiss Avenue is a treasure trove of Queen Anne Victorian homes.

TUDOR STYLE (1900-1940)


The Tudor style came into favor as a result of the romanticism which has always been a recurring factor in American architecture. The romantic movements always found solace in architectural styles of the past.


The Dallas M Streets area, with its high lot value, makes a perfect place for builders to tear down older, poorly-maintained homes, and then builder bigger and newer homes. This has been wide spread in the area with a few houses on each block being rebuilt or torn down. The normal price for a home like this starts in the $550,000 dollar price range and goes up over 1 million dollars.categories to build pages that are rich in visual style and interactivity.